Subject: Personal pronouns & Possessive pronouns

Lesson: Engelsk

Time: ca. 1t

Learning outcome:

Learn how we use possessive pronouns when we speak or write.

  • bruke grunnleggende mønstre for rettskriving, ordbøying, setnings- og tekstbygging i produksjon av tekst
  • bruke lytte- og talestrategier
  • innlede, holde i gang og avslutte samtaler knyttet til kjente situasjoner
  • identifisere og bruke ulike situasjoner og læringsstrategier for å utvide egne ferdigheter i engelsk



Teacher intructions:

Hand out the pairng cards when the pupils are seated, but keep one yourself. Tell about your card and make the pupils raise their hand if they think they have the same card. It is only one card similar to the one you keep, so keep descrbing your card until you have excluded everyone but the one with the right card. You can have a brave student come up and find the match for his/her card.

Collect the cards, mix them out and hand them out again. Have the pupils mingle around and find the match for their card asking each other questions until they are sure they find their match.


Oppg. 1.15 og 1.16 s 12 I Quest WORKBOOK

Write in OneNote, kladdebok «personal pronouns».

Go to Salaby and do the following tasks:

  1. find the possessives
  2. arrange the words
  3. translate the scentenses
  4. test yourself

Read page 24 in Quest TEXTBOOK and take a screenshot of the page

  1. Make a new page in your kladdebok in OneNote. Use the headline «possessive pronouns»
  2. Copy the table from Quest TB page 24 in to the page.

Oppg. 1.17 + 1.18 page 13 in Quest WORKBOOK

Write in OneNote, kladdebok «personal pronouns».


Play Kahoot

  • Wait for the teacher to enter the Kahoot
  • Open the Kahoot app and enter the gamepin.